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Physical Security

Two flashlights shine together and are aimed at a purple security shield on the wall.

Convergence: Physical Security and Business Continuity Meet their Moment

Recent research reveals findings on how the rapid development of technology, the post-9/11 wars, the Internet of Things device boom, stresses on the supply chain, a persistent security workforce shortage, and the COVID-19 pandemic may push the industry towards a moment for security convergence.

Focus on Healthcare Security

Illustration of a lion at the zoo.

Helping the Herd: Denver Zoo Conducts First Full-Scale Active Shooter Drill

The Denver Zoo, home to more than 3,000 animals from around the world, used its attitude in innovation to design and conduct an active shooter drill with local first responders and law enforcement.

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Focus on Guarding

Illustration of a security manager looking through a telescope on a green background. Tethered to the bottom of the telescope are six labor union workers protesting and carry placards, two are yelling through a megaphone toward the security manager.

Security Amid a Pro-Union Wave

Labor unions are gaining momentum across the United States. But with their resurgence comes an abundance of rules that organizations and security teams must follow to respect workers’ rights.

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