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Active Assailant & Mass Events

How to Put Multidimensional Active Shooter Response into Practice

Organizational stakeholders must invest more time and effort into gaining better insight into the prevention of and survival from active shooter incidents. With a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in an active shooter situation, stakeholders should implement the following strategies to achieve a successful multidimensional response.

Many organizations still don’t have an active shooter response plan in place, and even fewer have trained their employees on what to do.

This is a huge mistake.

Focus on School Security

Who’s Liable for an Active Shooter Incident? Expectations Are Changing

Mass shootings in the United States are no longer rare events. As of press time, there had been 372 mass shootings—incidents where four or more people, not including the shooter, were killed or injured—in the first seven months of 2022, up from 272 total in 2014. The increasing number of these incidents is impacting how courts assess liability when a shooting occurs and security measures campuses should have in place.

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