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Do You Need Resilient Surveillance Systems?

Video surveillance footage is unique from other data storage—because cameras typically record continuously, they are especially hard on hardware, with frequent disk and server failures. But any interruption to surveillance recording or storage infrastructure can cause camera downtime, degraded video, or total video loss, which hinders your ability to respond, investigate, and prosecute using video data evidence.
Comprehensive surveillance system resilience requires a focus on eliminating single points of failure by building a multi-layered approach to mitigate risks associated with downtime and video loss. This is why it’s important for mission-critical environments to create resiliency across each infrastructure category: the server layer, the storage layer, and environmental devices.

Focus on Log4J

An illustration on an orange background of five ghosts flying out of a computer monitor towards a black figure.

The Long Tail of Log4j

Through its analysis, the board found that five days after Log4j's disclosure Cloudflare observed 400 exploitation attempts of the vulnerability per second.
Illustration of a man striding through a door in the shape of a 0 along a red wall of binary code. What you need to know about Log4Shell.

Key Learnings from Log4Shell

The Log4Shell vulnerability is “endemic.” But there are steps companies can take to secure the open-source software supply chain and shore up the security of the Internet.

The Physical Ramifications of Cyber Response

Sixty-seven percent of surveyed incident responders reported experiencing stress or anxiety in their daily lives, while others said they experienced insomnia, burnout, and impacts on their social life and relationships.

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