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Where Does DE&I Stand in the Security Industry?

“The security environment that security practitioners find themselves in day in, day out isn’t getting any easier to manage,” says Rachel Briggs, OBE, one of the researchers behind a new ASIS Foundation report. “We really do need a team of all the talents around the table if we’re going to stand half a chance of being successful against our adversaries.”

Who's Your Mentor?


Making the Most of Mentorship

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on global workforces. To retain and foster future leaders amid the tumult, personal connection through mentorship can provide support and grow both mentor and mentee.

Mentor & Me

Security mentorships play out as mutuality in motion, with both expert and apprentice learning, teaching, adjusting, and recommitting.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Physical Security: Why It Matters

DE&I in physical security is more than just diversifying who is sitting in the executive seat. Diverse perspectives help broaden the scope of “what is safety” to more than one background or lived experience. For example, men may not think that a parking garage may not feel unsafe in a poorly lit parking garage, but a woman walking through the same facility may feel unsafe in the environment.

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