Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Identify threats and prevent violence in your workplace with the comprehensive Violence Prevention and Intervention Program from the Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS).

Your Organization Could Be at Risk

Even as other types of crime drop, violent incidents are on the rise. Much of this is driven by pandemic fallout, economic disruption, and political and cultural divisions.
  • 30% increase in murder
  • 12% increase in aggravated assault
  • 5% increase in [other] violent crime
    Source: 2020 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Employers are required to provide an environment free from recognized hazards—which include workplace violence—making a robust violence prevention response program critical for organizations of all sizes. Organizations without such programs in place are increasingly being found liable, both in civil suits and by OSHA, as a result of violent conflict between employees.

In this climate, your organization must develop and implement a comprehensive violence prevention program for your employees, contractors, and volunteers.

Prepare Your Security Team for Any Workplace Threat

With workplace violence prevention training from CPPS, your security team will be able to:
  • Develop plans and procedures for how your organization responds to threats or emergency situations
  • Recognize the warning signs that someone is progressing toward violence
  • Conduct a detailed assessment of concerning behavior when it’s reported within your organization
  • Address reported concerns to prevent workplace violence before it can happen

Workplace Violence Training with CPPS

CPPS has integrated standards developed by ASIS and OSHA, with other recognized best practices, and benchmarked them against their vast client base to create an easy-to-follow, tiered approach to violence prevention and intervention.

The CPPS method covers five components across the different areas of an organization:

  1. Program assessment and policy development
  2. General awareness training for all employees
  3. Enhanced training for managers and frontline leaders
  4. Threat management team training
  5. Senior leadership training

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Tipping Point: Keys to Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Violence Prevention Program

Sponsored by CPPS, this 60-minute webinar will help you and your security team gain essential tools to identify and prevent violence in the workplace. You’ll not only learn strategies for developing effective training programs at all levels of your organization—even if your workforce is remote—but what’s driving the record spike in violence, key components of the updated ASIS/ANSI Standard on Workplace Violence, and the potential liability organizations face without a violence prevention program in place.

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