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Member Interviews

Business Espionage in the Supply Chain

Are you protecting your intellectual property along the supply chain? James Acevedo, CPP, from the ASIS Supply Chain & Transportation Security Community, explains how IP is targeted in development and transit and how organizations can better identify security lapses—both physical and cyber—through in-depth due diligence.


Frankenstein Fraud—and 6 Tips to Combat It

Isaac Trask, member of ASIS International's Banking and Financial Services Community’s Steering Committee Member and Chair of the Fraud Sub-Committee, shares his insights on how organizations can minimize both the threat and potential losses of Frankenstein Fraud.

Managing Civil Unrest | Mangesh Sawant

In February, Mangesh Sawant, Senior Vice President of Riskpro India, spoke with Security Management magazine about the changing role of The Chief Security Strategist in an Age of Uncertainty--discussing geopolitical risk, corporate espionage, insider threat, and more. Here, he shares with the ASIS Blog some of his experiences managing instances of civil unrest.

Gender Balance in Security in America, the EU, and Ukraine

Despite international and national programs promoting equal rights and opportunities for men and women in the security field, the gender balance in many countries leaves much to be desired. We interviewed female security industry representatives from America, the European Union and Ukraine to compare the gender inequality issues, cultural and traditional stereotypes, and restrictions in women's professional development exist in their countries.


November 2022: Hone Your Threat Assessment Skills for Buy-In, Plus Travel Risk Management

How can you earn buy-in from reluctant or uninformed stakeholders about threat assessment programs, workplace violence, travel security, and more? In this episode of SM Highlights, hosted by Chuck Harold, Cornelis van Putten explains how changing terminology can change the lens through which non-security personnel can view and participate in threat assessments. Also, Mackenzie Grahek outlines how to build more inclusive and secure travel risk assessments that support at-risk employees, including women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

October 2022: ESG—A Board Priority and a Matter of Life and Death; Plus BEC Scams and Defenses

Security and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities may seem like strange bedfellows, says Lindsay Whyte, but where boardrooms are concerned, security can enable advancement in ESG efforts and ESG can be a matter of life and death—especially in isolated locations with high-value resources. In this episode of SM Highlights, hosted by Chuck Harold, learn more about ESG as a crisis management tool. Also, learn from Tonia Dudley from Cofense about how business email compromise (BEC) fraud is evolving to take advantage of business processes and routines and what it means for security professionals.

GSX Daily: Using Empathetic Service to De-Escalate Scenarios

What role do empathy and “service from the heart” play in effective security missions? These approaches enable Alex Jadrich, manager of public safety, security, and emergency management at the Denver Zoo, to connect more successfully with his team, his customers, and his guests and drive a more positive interaction with the organization. In this episode of the GSX Daily podcast, Jadrich and host Chuck Harold discuss management approaches, de-escalation, and influence.

GSX Daily: Virtual Reality—Where Science Fiction Comes Closer to Fact

Threats in the virtual world often effect threats in the real world—and vice versa, especially as more assets exist solely in the metaverse. GSX 2022 speakers Amanda Lewis and Scot Walker, PCI, join GSX Daily podcast host Chuck Harold to discuss how technology, artificial intelligence, and science fiction can create challenges and opportunities for security professionals. This episode was sponsored by Dataminr—exhibiting at GSX in booth #3825.

GSX Daily: How Good Hospital Security Programs Mitigate Risk While Developing ROI

Hospitals are often a “cesspool of stress,” says Marilyn Hollier, CPP, but that doesn’t mean security professionals can’t help relieve some pressure and improve outcomes for patients and staff. Here, Hollier joins the GSX Daily podcast—sponsored by Dataminr—to discuss her upcoming GSX 2022 session on healthcare security. Hospital security has been undergoing significant changes in recent years, and security leaders face rising cases of targeted workplace violence. But is the solution bringing more armed security officers onto healthcare campuses?

September 2022: Profit Protection in Retail, Plus Emergency Planning and More

Bill Alford got tired over the years of people saying that security is a profit taker—it’s always stopping retailers from selling more. So, he started considering how to reclaim a sense of value for retail security and loss prevention by making it a team effort. Also in this episode of SM Highlights, sponsored by Salient Systems, host Chuck Harold discusses video surveillance infrastructure with Grant Cowan and why complex scenario planning can pay off with Anthony Hurley, CPP, PCI, PSP.