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Global and Regional Governance

2023 Global Governance Details

ASIS volunteer leaders are the heart of ASIS. We are committed to providing opportunities for security professionals around the world to participate at the highest levels of strategic leadership supporting our regional and global boards of directors.

In 2023, ASIS will be seeking candidates for the 2023 Global Board Nominating Committee, European Regional Board Nominating Committee, and North American Regional Board Nominating Committee.

After that process, we will be seeking officer and director candidates for the 2024 Global Board and North American Regional Board and director candidates for the 2024 European and Regional Boards. These efforts move us closer to a global governance structure that supports ASIS’ global strategy.

2023 Governance Timeline


Global Governance FAQs

Want to know more about global governance – why ASIS is making this change and what it means for you?

Meet Your 2023 Global and Regional Boards of Directors

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Learn more about the Global Board appointment process.

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