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March 2023: Are You Ready for What’s Next? Evacuations, Resilience, and Pitching New Ideas

Do you have the infrastructure, programs, and soft skills in place to adapt to any situation? In this episode of Security Management Highlights, host Brendan Howard speaks with Dale Buckner about mass evacuations and duty of care; ASIS Europe co-chairs Inge Huijbrechts and Gavin Henderson discuss the business case for sustainability and resilience; and Suzanna Alsayed gives some practical advice about how to ready your reputation—and your pitch—to increase chances of buy-in success.

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February 2023: Preparing for the Unexpected—Robbery Recovery, Reputation Risks, and Supply Chain Upsets  

How can security teams help support employees’ mental health and resilience following a major incident, such as a bank robbery? Brian Ishikawa, CPP, from the Bank of Hawaii, walks us through how training, documents, and procedures clear the way for recovery. Michael Gips, CPP, joins the SM Highlights podcast to discuss how reputational issues cross over with security issues, including when rumors and conspiracy theories trigger a backlash on social media. Lastly, Miki Shifman discusses the current threats to trains and how technology advancements on the railroad could improve supply chain efficiency and security.  


Bonus: Understanding the Diversity Dividend

Diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do, says Rachel Briggs, OBE, one of the researchers behind a new report from the ASIS Foundation. And she’s not the only one saying it—scientific research has backed this view for years, especially for private organizations and enterprises. But what is the benefit for security professionals, and how can they take the next step to build a more diverse, resilient, and exemplary security team?

This podcast is brought to you by the ASIS Foundation. If you enjoyed today’s podcast, please visit to download a copy of the executive summary and full report. This research is made possible by your generous donations to the ASIS Foundation. Please consider giving today via PayPal, or online at to support future ASIS Foundation research.

January 2023: What If…? Planning Ahead for Crisis Preparedness, Plus How (and Why) to Make Time for Volunteerism

Think you’ve planned ahead enough for potential crises and disasters? Think again—emergencies frequently throw curveballs at organizations, so your crisis communication plan needs to be ready to pivot, says Mike Bailey in this episode of the SM Highlights podcast with Brendan Howard. Then, once you’ve planned, it’s time to test. The ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity community chair Rob Currie outlines best practices for designing more robust and useful exercises. Also in this episode, hear from the incoming 2023 ASIS President Tim McCreight, CPP, about the professional and personal value of volunteering and how he makes time in his busy schedule to give back.

Interested in the topics discussed in this podcast? Learn more at the links below.

More from Michael Bailey, CPP, on crisis communications here

More on recent attacks on U.S. substations here.

More from Tim McCreight, CPP, about volunteerism, available later in January 2023.

More from Rob Currie about crisis management exercises here.  

December 2022: The Art of Resilience—Proactive Training, Leadership, and Preparedness

Samuel Redman studies where crises and museums intersect, and he found that crisis moments rarely occurred in isolation, building into complex scenarios that museum security professionals need to help manage to keep the institution resilient and safe. In this episode of SM Highlights, learn how creative thinking and a broad perspective help museums manage financial, security, climate, and cultural challenges. Also, Yan Byalik, CPP, shares how the City of Newport News, Virginia, expanded and evolved its floor warden program to boost incident response capacity and preparedness.

November 2022: Hone Your Threat Assessment Skills for Buy-In, Plus Travel Risk Management

How can you earn buy-in from reluctant or uninformed stakeholders about threat assessment programs, workplace violence, travel security, and more? In this episode of SM Highlights, hosted by Chuck Harold, Cornelis van Putten explains how changing terminology can change the lens through which non-security personnel can view and participate in threat assessments. Also, Mackenzie Grahek outlines how to build more inclusive and secure travel risk assessments that support at-risk employees, including women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

This episode is sponsored by RaySecur—Listen for an exclusive interview with CSO Will Plummer about how mail threats are evolving alongside workplace violence trends.

October 2022: ESG—A Board Priority and a Matter of Life and Death; Plus BEC Scams and Defenses

Security and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities may seem like strange bedfellows, says Lindsay Whyte, but where boardrooms are concerned, security can enable advancement in ESG efforts and ESG can be a matter of life and death—especially in isolated locations with high-value resources. In this episode of SM Highlights, hosted by Chuck Harold, learn more about ESG as a crisis management tool. Also, learn from Tonia Dudley from Cofense about how business email compromise (BEC) fraud is evolving to take advantage of business processes and routines and what it means for security professionals.

GSX Daily: Using Empathetic Service to De-Escalate Scenarios

What role do empathy and “service from the heart” play in effective security missions?  These approaches enable Alex Jadrich, manager of public safety, security, and emergency management at the Denver Zoo, to connect more successfully with his team, his customers, and his guests and drive a more positive interaction with the organization. In this episode of the GSX Daily podcast, Jadrich and host Chuck Harold discuss management approaches, de-escalation, and influence.

Want to learn more? Join Jadrich at GSX 2022 for his session, Why Security Organizational Administrators Need to Lead with Service from the Heart, on Wednesday, 14 September.

GSX Daily: Virtual Reality—Where Science Fiction Comes Closer to Fact

Threats in the virtual world often effect threats in the real world—and vice versa, especially as more assets exist solely in the metaverse. GSX 2022 speakers Amanda Lewis and Scot Walker, PCI, join GSX Daily podcast host Chuck Harold to discuss how technology, artificial intelligence, and science fiction can create challenges and opportunities for security professionals. This episode was sponsored by Dataminr—exhibiting at GSX in booth #3825.

Learn more during Lewis and Walker’s GSX 2022 session, What Does Trust and Safety in Virtual Reality Really Mean?, on Tuesday, 13 September.

GSX Daily: How Good Hospital Security Programs Mitigate Risk While Developing ROI

Hospitals are often a “cesspool of stress,” says Marilyn Hollier, CPP, but that doesn’t mean security professionals can’t help relieve some pressure and improve outcomes for patients and staff. Here, Hollier joins the GSX Daily podcast—sponsored by Dataminr—to discuss her upcoming GSX 2022 session on healthcare security. Hospital security has been undergoing significant changes in recent years, and security leaders face rising cases of targeted workplace violence. But is the solution bringing more armed security officers onto healthcare campuses?

Join the discussion in the session Are Armed Police or Security Officers an Effective Solution to Preventing/Responding to Armed Violence in Hospitals? on Monday, 12 September, at GSX 2022.

September 2022: Profit Protection in Retail, Plus Emergency Planning and More

Bill Alford got tired over the years of people saying that security is a profit taker—it’s always stopping retailers from selling more. So, he started considering how to reclaim a sense of value for retail security and loss prevention by making it a team effort. Also in this episode of SM Highlights, sponsored by Salient Systems, host Chuck Harold discusses video surveillance infrastructure with Grant Cowan and why complex scenario planning can pay off with Anthony Hurley, CPP, PCI, PSP.

August 2022: Privacy Debates on College Campuses, Plus Security Career Change Guidance

The use of technology on college campuses is expanding faster ever before, but that doesn’t mean that stakeholders’ expectations of privacy have shrunk. Michael Sink joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to talk campus security and privacy. Also in this episode, sponsored by RaySecur, Will Plummer discusses mailroom security and last mile threats, and Shelly Kozacek, CPP, shares guidance for security career switches and mapping a professional trajectory that works for you.

July 2022: Building Credibility and Preparedness in Local Operations; Plus Managing Digital Nomads

How can a global enterprise build security and business continuity capacity in their local branches? Develop credibility through listening and patience, says RC Miles with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. That capacity paid off when conflict arose, he tells SM Highlights host Chuck Harold in this episode, sponsored by RaySecur. Also in this episode, Todd Sowinski from West Pharmaceutical explains how the organization has built out procedures and guidance to keep digital nomad workers safe and accounted for.

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June 2022: Commercial Drones in Combat, Plus Exploiting Risk for Organizational Success

Bill Edwards, CPP, PCI, PSP, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the synergy of military and commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in combat in Ukraine and what it means for private security professionals, in terms of intrusions, cyberattacks, and more. Also in this episode, sponsored by NGS Films + Graphics, learn about the key findings of a survey into facility security, as well as how organizations can leverage robust security to exploit risks and gain a competitive advantage.

Want to learn more about these topics? Check out recent SM coverage here: 

May 2022: Bias vs. Decision Making; DE&I as an Enterprise Competitive Advantage

In this episode of Security Management Highlights, sponsored by Dataminr, Johan de Wit discusses cognitive biases in security decisions and some of the pitfalls that decision makers can face. Also, Robert Baggett, CPP, PCI, PSP, joins the podcast to explore how diversity, equity, and inclusion principles can lend organizations a competitive advantage in a radically changing world.

Interested in these topics? Check out the May/June 2022 issue of Security Management

April 2022: The Ghost Crime of Human Trafficking; Navigating Security in the Cannabis Industry

What can casinos, resorts, and hotels do to detect and respond to sex trafficking on their premises? David Vialpando, CPP, explains how security, housekeeping, operations personnel, and law enforcement can adopt a holistic approach to addressing this crime. Also in this episode, Brandon Smith, director of security technology for multinational cannabis company Canopy Growth Corporation, shares how he approaches surveillance and technology installations when varied regulations, compliance measures, and needs change at each location across Canada, Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.

Interested in these topics? Check out the articles mentioned in this episode:

March 2022: Package Theft, Establishing Finish Lines, and ASIS Member Value

How are package thieves targeting the last foot of retailers’ supply chains? Ben Stickle joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss recent incidents and what they mean for retailers and delivery companies. ASIS Young Professional Community Vice-Chair Erwin Van de Weerd, APP, explains the value he finds in ASIS membership. Jody Reid shares his experience with establishing milestones and finish lines for security professionals to help build morale and a well-earned sense of achievement.

This episode of SM Highlights is brought to you by ASIS International’s Member Appreciation Month

February 2022: Trends in Theft, Training, and Terrorism

John Philippi, CPP, PSP, joins SM Highlights podcast host Chuck Harold to discuss the growing phenomenon of flash robbery in retail stores and how it connects to organized retail crime. Also in this episode, sponsored by HID Global, learn how Michael Gips, CPP, and his synagogue security committee adjusted security training following a hostage incident in Texas, and Joshua Sinai explores the threat of edged weapon attacks worldwide.

Learn more about episode sponsor HID Global here.

January 2022: Managing Crises, From Winter Storms to Mental Health to Evacuations

Is Texas ready for another massive winter storm? Beth Garza joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to explain what happened to cause the February 2021 blackouts and power shortages and what the state has done to prepare for 2022. Also in this episode, learn about crisis intervention methods and programs with Dave Weiner and how schools can practice better parent/student reunifications after an emergency or evacuation with Guy Bliesner.

December 2021: Tough Questions on Biometrics, Security Research, and Insider Threat Assessment

“The good old password really has run its course,” says Dave Lewis, Cisco global advisory chief information security officer. So what replaces it? Multifactor authentication with biometrics can raise security levels, and its use is trending up, demonstrating an evolutionary step up in identity and credential management.

Also in this month’s podcast, Glen Kitteringham, CPP, and podcast host Chuck Harold discuss the value of academic research to security professionals and—most importantly—how to put it into practice. Paul Wood, CPP, explains how taking a proactive, empathetic approach to threat assessment can identify and address insider threats while improving organizational morale.

November 2021: Strategic Security for Celebrities; Organized Retail Crime; and ATM Protection

“A battle not fought is a battle won,” especially when dealing with fans, paparazzi, and other elements of a celebrity’s life, says Jerry Heying, CPP. In this episode of SM Highlights with Chuck Harold, sponsored by Genetec, learn more about managing security for celebrities in an increasingly scrutinized world. Also, Scott Thomas from Genetec outlines the current threat from organized retail crime, and Stephanie Clarke from KeyBank and the ASIS Banking and Financial Services Community discusses security for ATM vestibules and training to keep bank branch employees safe.

October 2021: Spikes in Executive Threats; Navigating Virtual Onboarding; Cyber Hygiene

Threats against corporate executives and their families continue to climb, especially as converged risks broaden avenues for harm, says Fred Burton from Ontic. Also in this episode—sponsored by Genetec—Erik Antons, CPP, PSP, explains the new nature of hiring and onboarding amid remote work and how to navigate cultural and organizational pitfalls when settling into a new role. Mathieu Chevalier from Genetec and SM Highlights host Chuck Harold discuss some of the top things security managers can do to improve their physical security systems’ cybersecurity, from passwords to supply chains.

SM Highlights from GSX: Building Effective Guidance for Cannabis Security

Cannabis security requirements vary widely based on location, medical marijuana vs. recreational, and local risk profiles, making establishing baselines of security difficult. Carrie Goetz, PSP, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the formulation of cannabis security best practices and a forthcoming ASIS Guideline. Hear more from Goetz and Tim Sutton, CPP, PSP, in their GSX session: New Cannabis Security Guide.

Learn more about ASIS Standards & Guidelines—which are available to ASIS members for free in eBook format—here.

SM Highlights at GSX: The Next Generation of Public–Private Partnerships

In this special GSX 2021 episode of SM Highlights, sponsored by HID Global, Letitia Emeana, CPP, PSP, explains the UK Protect Duty and how it ties into the future of public–private partnerships. In addition, Julian Lovelock, vice president of the global business segment at HID Global, joins to discuss converged credentialing—especially as more organizations move to hybrid models.

Emeana participated in two online exclusive presentations, Anticipated Effects of “UK Protect Duty” on Large Public Spaces and Venues and Public/Private Partnership Support—Stronger Together, at GSX 2021 on the future of partnerships for public safety. GSX sessions will be available online through the end of 2021.

SM Highlights at GSX: Training for Large Venue Security—From Sports to Politics

Larry Thompson, director of security for the Orlando Magic, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the complexities of preparing security for large-scale events—especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also in this episode, sponsored by Genetec, Kyle Hurt explains the current state of unified—not just integrated—security platforms.

GSX attendees can hear more from Thompson during his GSX session on Monday, 27 September: Large Venue Protection in 2021.

September 2021: Insider Threats and Insider Care, Plus Bystander Intervention

“Access rules the landscape—every attacker wants it, and every employee has it,” says Jon Ford at Mandiant, who joins this month’s episode, sponsored by Alert Enterprise, to discuss insider threat elements and how to address risks and resilience. Also in this episode, Willem Ryan shares insider threat vs. insider care guidance, and Emily May breaks down the options available to bystanders who could intervene in harassment.

This episode was sponsored by Alert Enterprise. Learn more at

Bonus: The State of Jihadist Terrorism and the Situation in Afghanistan

Scott Stewart, vice president of intelligence for TorchStone Global, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the history and current status of two major jihadist terrorist groups—al Qaeda and the Islamic State—and what their shift toward grassroots terrorism means for security professionals. In addition, Stewart explains the current situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s aims, and what the latest upheaval in the Middle East may mean for global security and terrorism.  

Read more about the state of jihadist terrorism in the September/October 2021 edition of Security Management, coming soon.

August 2021: Cultures of Safety, Not Surveillance; Shifts in Critical Infrastructure

In this episode of Security Management Highlights, sponsored by AlertEnterprise, Mohammed Shehzad discusses the unique and complex nature of university security technology and how to manage technology portfolios and lifecycles. On the critical infrastructure front, AlertEnterprise CSO Mark Weatherford outlines the growth of cyber threat awareness and regulation, then Ross Johnson, CPP, shares good news about protecting electrical power and utilities in North America.

Learn more about critical infrastructure technology challenges in the August edition of Security Technology.

Learn more about AlertEnterprise at

July 2021: Global Organized Crime Evolution; Integrating Community Outreach into Baseball Security

Adam Darrah from Vigilante explains how pandemic closures, stressors, and funding triggered changes in organized crime worldwide, including criminals blatantly advertising their skills and wares on social media. Then, Phil Melcher, CPP, from the St. Louis Cardinals, explains how Busch Stadium integrates its security efforts with the local community to address crime, develop strategies, and be good neighbors.

Learn more about these topics in the July/August issue of Security Management.

Bonus: Variability in Cannabis Security Regulations

In this bonus episode of SM Highlights, Brian Johnson joins host Chuck Harold to discuss research into variable and vague cannabis security regulations and compliance and where those fail to address principles of defense in depth.

Read more in the May/June issue of Security Management.

June 2021: Human Trafficking Intervention; Casino Security; and Connected Devices

In this episode of SM Highlights, Lauren Shapiro outlines recent human trafficking liability updates in the United States and private security’s role in helping victims; Derk Boss, CPP, shares how casino security and technology have changed since the beginning of COVID-19 and which applications might outlast the pandemic; and Elisa Costante breaks down the three big challenges in connected devices.

May 2021: Synthetic Identity Fraud, Convergence, Global Management

Helena Wood joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the rising and evolving threat of synthetic identity fraud and how fraud threatens national security; Mark Weatherford shares an update on the state of cyber–physical convergence; and James Morris, CPP, explores changes in global security management over the past year.

This episode of SM Highlights is sponsored by AlertEnterprise.

April 2021: Gender Equality in Security; De-Escalating Yourself; and Bias in Security Technology

Tatyana Andrianova discusses traditional stereotypes around the security profession and the “rapid departure from outdated views” in Ukraine and around the world. Also in this episode, Kristine Scott joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to explain how to hack your biology to de-escalate yourself during a stressful situation, and Reza Rassool outlines the biases in training security technology—especially facial recognition and AI.

Learn more about these subjects in Security Management’s online exclusives and in the April edition of Security Technology.

March 2021: Shifting the Partnership Paradigm; Active Assailant Risk for Tall Buildings

Diana Concannon joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss how public–private partnerships are changing amid civil unrest, COVID-19, and evolving expectations and resources. Then, Joshua Sinai explains the various risks facing tall buildings—from high-rises to skyscrapers—and how their unique footprints affect active assailant responses.

Read more about these topics in the March/April 2021 issue of Security Management

February 2021: Understanding Ideological Violence and Domestic Abuse in the Home Office

With more people spending time online than ever before, nationwide lockdowns are a golden opportunity for online radicalization and conspiracy theories. How could this affect workplace violence? Behavioral threat assessment expert Steven Crimando joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to break it down. Also in this month’s podcast, Michael Crane, CPP, explains how remote work has changed workplace violence prevention training, response, and recovery.

Bonus: Tailoring Leadership and Language to Foster DE&I

What is driving change around inclusion in organizations? James Pogue, PhD, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion and how the events of 2020—civil unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic instability, and racial reckonings—forced leaders to listen and act in new ways. But this has only uncovered the tip of the iceberg, Pogue says.

ASIS members can join the discussion in the new ASIS Connects Community for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

January 2021: Managing Remotely, Reopening Las Vegas, Facial Recognition Bans

In this month’s episode of SM Highlights, Tim McCreight, CPP, discusses remote workforce management strategies and security guidance; Dave Shepherd outlines how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected operations and life across Las Vegas and the path to reopening; and Eddie Sorrells, CPP, PCI, PSP, debates facial recognition bans.

Bonus: Background Screening Pitfalls, Security Startups, and Professional Journeys 

In this month's bonus podcast, host Chuck Harold chats with Michael Gips, CPP, about obstacles in remote background checks; delves into the realities involved in starting a security start-up with Suzanna Alsayed; and talks with Jason Hamm on his professional journey through the security industry, including earning his CPP.

Read more about these topics in the December issue of Security Management

December 2020: New Privacy Regulations, Tailoring Travel Training, and Securing a Floating Museum

On this month’s episode of SM Highlights, Phil Dunkelberger, CEO and president of Nok Nok Labs, joins host Chuck Harold to explain the scope and security implications of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Meredith Moore of Greylake Training Solutions discusses how tailoring travel security awareness and education to employee behavior can mitigate risks in the age of COVID-19. In addition, Joe Gursky, director of information technology for the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California, outlines his approach to security technology, how he adapted the security program to address COVID-19 restrictions, and more.
Find out more about these topics in the December issue of Security Management.

November 2020: Remote School Security Threats, Plus Retail Loss Prevention Amid Civil Unrest

In this month’s episode, Frank Straub of the National Police Foundation outlines the new potential warning signs of school violence amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Joshua Skule and Craig Matsumoto from Allied Universal discuss retail loss prevention amid civil unrest, both in the storefront and along the supply chain.

For more on these topics, check out the November 2020 issue of Security Management

October 2020: Election Security, Supply Chain Crime, and Building a GSOC

In this month’s episode, Adam Darrah busts election security myths; Björn Hartong, CPP, discusses supply chain crime trends during COVID-19; and Leslie Heimov revisits setting up a GSOC for a California law practice.

Read more about the topics covered in this episode in the October edition of Security Management

GSX+ Daily: How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z Security Professionals

In the last GSX+ Daily podcast, we check in with Angela Osborne, PCI, PSP, and Michael Brzozowski, CPP, PSP, about what it means to be a young professional in the security field, the differences between Generation Z and other generations, and what value Gen Z professionals bring to an organization—and what they can teach their managers. Their session from 21 September 2020 at GSX+ will be available on-demand through the rest of 2020 for All-Access pass holders.

GSX+ Daily: Chemical Security in a Crisis

David Wulf and Annie Hunziker Boyer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security join the GSX+ Daily podcast to explain the current threat of chemical terrorism—which spans physical security, cybersecurity, insider threat, nation-states, and more—and global approaches and partnerships to address that threat. Tune into GSX+ on Friday, 25 September, for the full session “Chemical Security Around the Globe.”

GSX+ Daily: How to Speak to the Media

Interested in educating the public and the media about security issues? Glenn C. Schoen, CEO of [email protected] BV, joins today’s GSX+ Daily podcast to explain how security professionals can lend their expertise to the media as a reliable and effective resource. Want to learn more? Check out Schoen’s session at GSX+ on Friday, 25 September.

GSX+ Daily: Community-Focused Threat Mitigation in Australia

Codee Ludbey, CPP, principal security consultant for Tactix, joins today’s GSX+ Daily podcast to explain the Australian approach to counterterrorism and security in crowded places. Attend GSX+ on Wednesday, 23 September, to learn about budgets, risk assessments, and more in Ludbey’s session, “Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism.”

GSX+ Daily: “Anger Is a Letter Short of Danger”

Hospitals are stressful places, especially when children’s health is involved. De-escalation techniques can help security personnel reduce tension and achieve a “zero incidents” environment, says Jim Sawyer, director of security for Seattle Children’s Hospital. In today’s GSX+ Daily podcast, Sawyer shares some key tips for calming confrontations across industries. Learn more at and check out more GSX+ Daily coverage here

September 2020: An Era of Mass Protest, Drug Diversion Risks, Remote Hiring, and Convergence

SM Highlights host Chuck Harold checks in about security during mass protests and civil unrest, evolving drug diversion risks, how security firms’ hiring processes have changed during COVID-19, and Mastercard’s converged security approach.

This month’s guests include Michael Center; Mark Giuffre, CPP; Chris Stuart; and Neil Parker.

For more information on these topics, check out the September issue of Security Management.

August 2020: Uncharted Territory in School Security; Contextual Intelligence; Certification

As schools debate how to resume classes in the fall, security professionals will need to prepare to address anxiety and behavioral challenges, according to Dr. Franci Crepeau-Hobson and Paul Timm, PSP. Also in this month’s podcast, learn about how to apply contextual intelligence to decision making and the value of certification for effective communication.

Read more about these topics in the August issue of Security Management

July 2020: Intellectual Property Protection and Improving Guard Training

In this episode of SM Highlights, Sandra Stibbards explains security hygiene basics to avoid intellectual property theft attempts, and Glen Kitteringham, CPP, breaks down active versus passive learning within security guard training programs.

Read more about the topics discussed in this month’s podcast in the July issue of Security Management: An Unfair Advantage: Confronting Organized Intellectual Property Theft and Guard Training Programs: A Development Guide

Bonus: Fostering Innovation Within Security

What does innovation mean in security technology? 2019 GSX Pitch Competition winner Yaron Zussman of Magos America sits down with SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the difference between invention and innovation, the benefits of disruption, and what is driving change in the industry.

Learn more about GSX+ 2020 here

June 2020: Hospitality Security During COVID-19; Leveraging Personality Assessments for Smarter Hiring

Host Chuck Harold talks with Erik Antons, CPP, PSP, about how the hospitality industry is adjusting its business continuity planning in response to the coronavirus pandemic; and Thomas Stutler, CPP, discusses the benefits of using personality and cognitive assessments during the employment screening process for security leaders.

Read more about the subjects discusssed in this podcast in the June issue of Security Management.

Bonus: Leading During COVID-19—Team Resilience and Decision Fatigue

Andre Simons and Terri Patterson of Control Risks join SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss leadership practices and how to build team resilience during times of crisis—particularly during the current pandemic.

Read more about personal resilience in the face of adversity in Leadership in the COVID Crisis: The Importance of Building Personal Resilience.

Bonus: Coronavirus and Conflict—Responding to Domestic Violence and the Potential for Civil Unrest

How are organizations obligated to protect employees from risk—particularly domestic violence—as workforces shift to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Dr. James Cawood, CPP, PCI, PSP, president of Factor One, discusses the expectation of privacy, encouraging disclosure in a sensitive manner, and risk mitigation around domestic abuse. Then Paul Mercer, managing director of HawkSight Security Risk Management Ltd, outlines the potential for global civil unrest to erupt out of the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information on the topics discussed in this podcast, check out the SM articles: Breaking the Silence: Encouraging Domestic Abuse Reporting, Coronavirus and Conflict: The Pandemic’s Potential Global Impact, and ESRM and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

May 2020: Art Crimes; AI and National Security; Security Management in the Middle East

Thieves see art theft as a crime of opportunity, and there’s no better opportunity than when museums are closed, streets are empty, and witnesses are nowhere to be found, says Anthony Amore, director of security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum in Boston. In this month’s SM Highlights podcast, host Chuck Harold discusses COVID-19 and art crime with Amore; the perils of AI-driven warfare with RAND Corporation researcher Yuna Wong; and security management best practices and pitfalls in the Middle East with Michael Padilla-Pagan Payano.

For more information on the topics discussed in this podcast, check out these May 2020 articles: On the Trail of Stolen Artwork, How AI Could Escalate Global Conflicts, and Global Management: How Security Is Changing in the Middle East.

April 2020 Bonus: A Deeper Look into Workplace Harassment and Culture

“There is no safety in not having reports of harassment....That tells you only that you haven't had to do any internal investigations,” says U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioner Victoria Lipnic. “Be mindful of the fact that so few people are willing to report it.... They do not report it because they’re afraid to.”
How does corporate culture affect workplace harassment? In this special expanded interview, Lipnic shares factors that contribute to harassment and what security professionals can do about it.
For more about creating a workplace culture that prevents harassment, read the Security Management April 2020 cover story: How to Create a Culture to Prevent Harassment.

April 2020: Cultures of Workplace Harassment; Cultivating Stronger Security First Impressions

In this month’s podcast, Victoria Lipnic, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioner, discusses how to create a workplace culture that prevents sexual harassment, being aware of “superstar harassers,” and not falling into the trap that the #MeToo Movement is over. Also, Burke Sigurdur Brownfeld, Director of Security and Global Safety for Visa, Inc., talks about how the importance of first impressions and how they can affect assumptions about the organization security officers represent.

March 2020: What I’ve Learned – Always Ask for a Seat at the Table

In this special edition of SM Highlights, Inge Huijbrechts shares her leadership philosophy and career path—from sailing around the world to serving as the global senior vice president for responsible business and safety and security for Radisson Hotel Group. Learn how networking, reflection, respect, and team diversity can influence leadership success.

March 2020: Pandemic Preparedness; National Security; and the Value of Certification

In this month’s episode, host Chuck Harold talks with Jerry Hauer about global COVID-19 preparedness and response; SM Senior Content Manager Mark Tarallo shares a terrorism update; and Elizabeth Dumbaugh, CPP, explains how ASIS certification played a role in her transition from the U.S. military to the private sector.

February 2020: Wildfire Response; Drone Detection; Coaching Future Leaders

In this month’s SM Highlights podcast, Rinske Geerlings explains how the Australian wildfires are affecting business continuity; James Acevedo, CPP, discusses drone identification challenges; and John Torres outlines why the best managers are those who coach and develop their team’s talents.

January 2020: Credential Theft, The Value of Innovation, and Insider Threats in Food Production

In this month’s edition of Security Management highlights, Tonia Dudley, CISSP, explains the dangers in relying solely on SMS-based two-factor authentication, Doug Powell, CPP, PSP, discusses the value of innovation and adaptability in security, and Frank Pisciotta outlines how insider threats affect food defense efforts.

December 2019 Bonus: The State of Security Convergence

In this bonus episode of SM Highlights, explore the difference between integration and convergence; learn about holistic security strategies, budgets, and leadership; and examine the current state of security convergence across industries and organization size with host Chuck Harold and former ASIS Chief Global Knowledge Officer Michael Gips, CPP, as they discuss the findings of the ASIS Foundation report The State of Security Convergence in the United States, Europe, and India, sponsored by AlertEnterprise.

December 2019: The Effects of Social Media on Bullying and Hospitality Security

Dr. Amanda Nickerson explains the power imbalance behind bullying and how social media has complicated bullying prevention and response. Social media is also strongly impacting the hospitality industry—both for the guest experience and for security. Kelly Klatt, CPP, explains how security professionals are leveraging social media for investigations, situational awareness, and reputation management.

November 2019: What I've Learned - Turning Setbacks into Benefits

True mentoring is like looking into an acorn and seeing the oak tree it could become, and then helping it grow, says forensic psychologist and threat management expert George L. Vergolias, Psy.D. from R3 Continuum. In this bonus SM podcast from the ASIS Mentoring Committee, Vergolias shares his experiences on multiyear career trajectories, leadership, mentoring, and the ever-expanding security industry.

November 2019: The Opioid Crisis in the Workplace, Plus Security Research and ESRM

The impact and the cost of the opioid crisis in the workplace can be tremendous—what does this mean for security? Mark Giuffre, CPP, explains. Also in this month’s episode, how to leverage scientific research for security decision making and how ESRM can bridge the gaps between cyber and physical security teams. 

October 2019: Designing Security with CPTED, Plus Entertainment Security

How does the new screening center at the Washington Monument enable security without compromising visitors’ experiences? Jill Cavanaugh of Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners in Washington D.C. breaks it down. Plus, Stevan Bernard and SM Highlights host Chuck Harold discuss the state of security in the entertainment industry—from piracy to location risk assessments to talent protection.

September 2019: Adaptable Leadership, Foreign Fighters, and Retail Security

Can security leaders learn adaptability? SM Highlights host Chuck Harold sits down with Bill Cottringer to learn more about leadership, social skills, and communication styles. Also in this episode: Scott Stewart on the threat of foreign fighters returning home and Alan Greggo, CPP, CFE, on retail security resources and best practices.

August 2019: What I've Learned - Honest Leadership and Lifelong Learning

Cathy Lanier, the senior vice president of security for the National Football League (NFL) and former Washington, D.C., chief of police, discusses lifelong learning, mentorship, and honest leadership in this bonus SM podcast, part of a special series on management and leadership from the ASIS Mentoring Committee, part of the ASIS Professional Development Council.

August 2019: Rethinking Business Continuity, Plus Transnational Cybercrime

Brendan Monahan, Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Council, breaks down how to keep increasingly complex businesses rolling when crises hit. Plus Michael Breslin of LexisNexis Risk Solutions outlines current trends in transnational cybercrime and investigations.

July 2019 Bonus: How Culture Affects Organizational Resiliency

Malcolm Reid, CPP, explains how security professionals can embed resiliency within the culture of the organization to remain adaptive, robust, and agile. Read more about how culture influences resiliency in the July issue's News & Trends department here:

July 2019: Border Security Burnout, Plus Modern Management and Leadership

Jason Piccolo, CPP, stops by to discuss hiring and retention crises for border patrol agents and what surprising change can be made to help mitigate burn out. Also, Mark Tarallo of Security Management discusses modern leadership qualities.

June 2019: Hospitals and Hurricanes, Plus Executive Protection Assessments

How do hospitals handle hurricanes? Keith McGlen, CPP, CHPA, stops by to discuss how Houston healthcare organizations subscribe to a philosophy of preparedness. Plus, Wesley Bull of Sentinel Resource Group outlines potential conflicts of interest and entanglement risk in executive protection programs.

May 2019: Building an Enterprise Security Program, Plus GDPR Fines

When building a global security program, flexibility is the secret sauce, says Don Taussig, CPP, director of global security services at Land O’Lakes, Inc. Plus, Andrea Limbago, chief social scientist at Virtu, stops by to break down GDPR regulations, loopholes, fines, and how U.S. data privacy regulations compare.

April 2019: Security Leadership, Mentoring, and Career Planning

“Focus on influencing. Because oftentimes what we’re doing, especially in the CSO role, is we are leading leaders.” Joe Olivarez, VP, global security for Jacobs Engineering, discusses leadership and career paths with host Chuck Harold in a special bonus SM Podcast, brought to you by the ASIS Mentoring Committee.

April 2019: School Security After Parkland, Plus Proactive Surveillance Tools

A year after the Parkland shooting, school security remains an ongoing challenge that can’t be solved with legislation and technology alone, says Jason Destein, chairman of the ASIS International School Safety and Security Council. Eddie Sorrells, CPP, PCI, PSP, stops by to explain how security leaders can use surveillance as a proactive tool, not just a forensic one, and to debate the value of analytics versus the human element. Plus, Rose Miller discusses the value of the CPP certification to her career path.

March 2019: The Threat of Incels

March cover story author Steven Crimando stops by to break down the rising threat of Incels and how to recognize people on the path to violence. Plus, James Morris, CPP, discusses the benefits of certification and starting the first ASIS International chapter in Ghana.

February 2019: Career, Management

Host Chuck Harold talks with Basil Steele about his long tenure in security engineering at SANDIA National Labs. Steele offers advice for thriving in a meaningful career for more than three decades. The February podcast also includes the first of a special series on management and leadership from the ASIS Mentoring Committee, part of the ASIS Professional Development Council.

January 2019: School Security, Security Officers

ASIS Book of the Year author Steve Van Till, president and CEO of Brivo, stops by to discuss his award-winning book. Plus, school security with Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers.

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